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WAIT!! Don’t throw out that old calendar! Some young thing could use that for amazing inspiration! I absolutely adore these calendars from Snow and Graham – totally impractical in so many ways – nary a way to schedule a thing on them, but they are oh so beautiful to look at. I buy myself one every year just to be inspired by their beautiful designs. Also, Sandy can’t bring himself to buy me something that just doesn’t have much of a purpose. “You have a calendar on your computer right in front of you!” I know. I know. But, there is something about design and *paper* that soothes and coos to my creative being. Do you know what I mean? I saved this calendar in my office thinking the abstract shapes could stimulate some creative brainstorming for me. But, lo and behold, Allie got a hold of the calendar first.
Actually, she was driving me nuts in my studio one day (me trying to get some work done; she trying to get some mommy time). I pulled out the tracing paper and these calendar pages and she went to town making “cards” for her friends. I started by showing her what I would do.

First, place the card under the tracing paper and use colored pencils to “recreate” some of the shapes. My absolute favorite pencils are primsacolor pencils. Seriously, they make a difference, even for the kids’ creativity. They are just so smooth!

Next, color and embellish to your own liking from there.

Well, she practically shoved me aside and got to work. Here is her rif on the one I showed her. Note the little multi-media flair with the bit of twine she attached at the bottom.

I was amazed with her composition,

And detail–look at that little mama bird and her nest. What a beautiful extension on the exercise. I do hope Allie doesn’t lose this ability to creatively and openly spring from inspiration. As always, there is so much I can learn from her.

Every year I think, what can Snow & Graham do this year that could please me as much? I am amazed every year–just look at the images for the 2012 calendar. Ohh, I just love them (hint to all family member who read this blog: what a perfect little Christmas present for Anne–and Allie too!)

2012 Calendar Snow & Graham:

Lots of good things on tap! I have a sports birthday party coming up for my middle guy, complete with sweatband invites. And, I have a sweet set of advent calendar gifts for my girly girl that would make great, fun stocking stuffers too.

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