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Vintage Sugar Eggs DIY

Photograph by Gentl and Hyers for Martha Stewart
I feel like the blog-o-sphere gets more and more full with fabulous egg ideas every year! It’s fun to try something different than your traditional dyed egg, though. I am so excited to share this full tutorial from Martha Stewart with you. These sugar eggs are such a treat and bring back a beautiful sense of vintage nostalgia. I just ordered the molds to try it with my kids this Easter. Style your table with these eggs and this gorgeous vintage velvet ribbon. Yes!
Of course, you can find more fabulous Easter decor and craft ideas in this issue of Martha Stewart Living. It’s available on newstands now.

DIY Sugar Eggs
Ultrafine (“bar”) sugar or light brown sugar
Food coloring
Plastic clam-shell egg mold (molds used: E090, E095, E423, E427)
Cardboard, cut slightly larger than mold
Egg white
:: Mix 3 tablespoons water with 2 pounds ultrafine sugar until you have a packable consistency (similar to that of brown sugar); add 2 or 3 drops of food coloring, a tiny bit at a time, until desired color is reached. (Or just use brown sugar without water or dye mixed in.)
:: Tightly pack sugar into mold have and smooth top as much as possible.
:: Lay cardboard over top of mold, press down with one hand whild holding mold with other, and flip. Gently remove mold. If shape crumpbles or ridged design is not clear, pack again and repeat. If making solid eggs, let dry over night. If making containers, let dry 3 hours.
:: To make containers, hollow out each egg half with a spoon, leaving a 1/3 inch border all around. Reserve scooped sugar in zip-top bag. Let dry overnight, then lightly sand exposed edges so halves fit together.
:: To make solid eggs, fuse halves together by brushing exposed edges with egg white and pressing together. If gaps at seam are visible, fill with reserved sugar.

Have fun giving this a whirl!

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