Weave a Twine Glass Sleeve for Hot or Cold Drinks

twine glass sleeve

If you are interested in a weaving project that’s perfect for any season, we have just the idea for you! Summer drinks on the back porch are made stylish with Flax & Twine’s Woven Twine Glass Sleeves. So many people kept asking about this kit, so we brought it out of retirement! This satisfying weaving project will help you keep your iced tea from leaving a ring on the table. Using a twine glass sleeve is like having a built-in coaster!

weaving a twine glass sleeve

Working with Flax & Twine linen cord is a dream. The glasses pictured measure 5" x 2.75". Using the techniques in this weaving pattern in the twine glass sleeves kit, you’ll be able to cover to any straight-sided container, such as a flower vase or glass votive. How’s that for gorgeous texture?

Buy the Woven Twine Glass Kit

Check out the Woven Twine Glass Kit in my shop! T:

:: 2 10 oz straight-sided glasses
:: 1 spool Flax & Twine 2mm Linen Cord
:: 1 photographic how-to PDF

twine glass sleeve

Did we mention that this woven glass sleeve acts as a cozy for warm drinks, keeping them from losing their heat? Also, it’s also easy to pull off the sleeve so you can throw your glass in the dishwasher. Once it’s dry, just slip it back inside the sleeve, which easily holds its shape!

I think these glass sleeves would make such a great gift for your girlfriends, a newlywed couple, or anyone who enjoys drinks on the back patio. They are cozy and cute in all the right ways! We brought these kits out of retirement for just a bit, and have a few twine glass sleeve kits left, so be sure to grab yours before it sells out.

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