Make shoes! Woven Espadrilles Pattern & Kit

Woven Espadrilles Pattern and Kit

I am beside myself about my new woven espadrilles pattern and kit! These worked out better than I could possibly imagine! I had dreams of including a pattern for espadrilles in Weaving Within Reach. They were on my list, but I ran out of time to include them. As a result, when Melissa of A Happy Stitch and creator of The Espadrilles Kit, contacted me about making a woven espadrilles pattern for her Artist Series, I jumped at the chance! Can you believe it? You, too, can weave your very own beautiful summer shoes! You can buy a full DIY Woven Espadrilles Kit with everything you need to make this beautiful pair of shoes, including the yarn, the soles, all the tools, and the loom. Or, if you have the basics, you can simply buy the pattern on its own.

Woven Espadrilles Pattern and Kit

I wanted these espadrilles to be simple, of course, but also textured with interest. I create stripes by alternating a closed weave with an open weave. Then, I make the fringe along the top by weaving in the warp ends.

Weave the espadrilles on a simple medium-sized frame loom with 160 yards of organic fingering weight linen. You can work both toes at the same time. Then, both heels. The woven espadrilles pattern includes all the details, including how to warp a loom, double warp a loom, use the pattern pieces, weave the open and closed stripes, and finish all the ends and the details, like the tie. The soles come with instructions on attaching the pieces to your sole and the tools needed to do so.

Woven Espadrilles Pattern and Kit

Weaving the pieces does take some time, probably about 15 hours or so, but it’s worth it! After you weave in all the ends, it’s a matter of blanket-stitching the pieces to the soles and then adding a simple braided tie in the same yarn.

Woven Espadrilles Pattern and Kit

The tone, the lightness, and the fact that I made them, all serve to make me super thrilled about this woven espadrilles pattern! I can’t wait to make another pair! I’m going to need to because my mom walked away in these – she did do a good job modeling.

Woven Espadrilles Pattern and Kit

I would love it if you gave these a whirl. For some reason, shoes thrill me more than other wearable items I’ve designed. I’m not quite sure why, but they do! Please share your version on IG or Facebook so I can see!

Woven Espadrilles Pattern and Kit

Special thanks to my mom for being a fantastic model. Isn’t she cute?

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