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Autumn Baskets Kit

Sale price$ 48.00 USD
Color:Lavender Field
Only 5 units left

The Autumn Baskets Kit will teach you basket weaving in a weekend with an easy to follow pattern and video! Made with a coiled and wrapped basketweaving technique, the Autumn Baskets include enough materials to make 3 fabulous baskets. Each basket is thoughtfully designed to mix colors and shapes that work beautifully together and hung on the wall or separately on its own. Each basket is sturdy enough to hold wallet, keys and sunglasses, or easily maintain its shape hung on the wall.

Consider this basket weaving technique as a launching point for so many designs. The pattern and video teach all the details and how-tos of the technique and show you how to play with different designs as shown. In this technique, every bit of this basket is wrapped, so you can play with whatever color or pattern scheme you like. Play with color at random, introduce meaningful progression of shapes, or simply introduce alternating stripes and you have three amazing baskets and new skills.

We love the light feel of the eco-friendly Flax & Twine Raffia which is a sustainable crop sourced from Madagascar. The raffia provides an all-natural “basket” look while being light enough to create beautiful, yet sturdy vessels. No soaking required.

Pattern includes detailed step-by-step video for all the techniques!

Kit Includes materials to make ALL 3 BASKETS:
:: 3 50g Bundles of All-Natural Flax & Twine Raffia
:: 3 50g Bundles of Madagascar Dyed Raffia
:: Sharp Darning Needle
:: Japanese Style Clippers
:: 14x17 Muslin Project Bag
:: Autumn Baskets Pattern & Video

Random Colors Basket:  8.5” wide x 1.5” tall
3 Shapes Basket  7.5” wide x 1.25” tall
Alternating Stripes Basket 6” wide x 1” tall
Autumn Baskets Kit
Autumn Baskets Kit Sale price$ 48.00 USD

A happy handmade life

At Flax & Twine, we love adding the little element that takes projects from ho-hum to WOW. Using natural fibers in unusual ways help inexperienced makers and long-time creators both succeed in crafting something new and beautiful. We are passionate about people who love to create!

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Chela Noto
Super Happy!

Weaving and basketry are new crafts to me. I am a knitter, and just wanted something different! I am hooked by weaving. Presentation of the kits was beautiful, and the instructions and links to tutorials were great. Can’t wait to visit your store in person when I am in Denver this week. LOVE LOVE LOVE the kits.

Kara Retalic

I am very happy with the Autumn basket kit. The instructions are well written and the video class makes it simple to learn. I can not wait to get another kit!

Carol Young

Autumn Baskets Kit


Ambivalent- very nicely packaged, written instructions are included, but, I have not been able to access the online video. I’m a visual learner, so, I’m doing my best with the written info.

Hi there Leilani! I'm so sorry that you had a hard time finding the video! Thanks so much for reaching out to us! You can find access to the video on page 1 of your pattern under Materials and Details. Next to the link, you’ll find the password. Simply type the link fully into your browser and hit enter and you will go to the Vimeo page for the video. Type in the password, and you should have access. Happy Making, Anne Weil

Benetta Wilson
Terrible instructions, not worth the money

The instructions were an unhelpful brochure and a link to an awful video. In the video, the narrator said "um" constantly, the work was obscured many times by her hands, she admittedly often didn't like the result and would tear it out and start over again, and the general feeling was that basket making was a joyless chore. The video appeared to have never been reviewed because of so many misstatements and misstatements. In fact, she called it "weaving" when in fact there was no weaving involved at all in the project. I had to go to the Internet to watch free videos in order to understand what she was trying to convey. Equivalent materials can be bought from a different, popular online store for a fraction of the cost. The whole experience took all the fun out of basketmaking for me and I ended up just throwing the whole thing in the trash because of how discouraged I felt after watching the video.

Hi Benetta,

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We genuinely appreciate your honesty and the opportunity to improve our products and services.

I'm truly sorry to hear about your disappointment with our instructional video. It was never our intention to provide an unsatisfactory experience, and I understand how frustrating this must have been for you.

As mentioned in our previous emails, I'd be more than happy to arrange a full refund for you. Additionally, instead of discarding the materials, if you still have them, we can send you a return label, so we can recycle them for a good cause. We partner with Platte Forum in Denver, a non-profit kids' art lab, and your materials could contribute to their programs.

I'm deeply saddened that our video didn't convey the joy of making that we strive to promote at Flax & Twine. While I use the term 'weaving' broadly to encompass various techniques, I realize that it may have caused confusion in this instance.

Please know that making mistakes intentionally is a deliberate choice aimed at fostering a supportive environment where makers feel comfortable exploring and learning from their errors. However, I understand that this approach may not resonate with everyone, and I apologize if it contributed to your dissatisfaction.

Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment you've experienced. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we are committed to making this right for you. If there's anything else we can do to assist you further or if you have any other feedback, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Warmly, Anne