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1001 peeps

1001 Peeps Summer Camp!

1001 Peeps by Lizzy House – Photo courtesy of
Is this fabulous or what!? . . . This is Lizzy House‘s newly launched 1001 Peeps–and wait till you see the amazing quilt pattern book that goes with it! I am just blown away by Lizzy’s talent–the colors, the pattern, the design and the story. The story. . . .seriously, the fabric takes you on a fantastic voyage, sparking the imagination, stoking a love of adventure and plunging you deep into an Arabian night. Cohesive and thorough, Lizzy provides the full package–a true artist. On top of it, she is as warm and supportive as she is talented.
AND, I am thrilled to tell you that I am officially a . . .
1001 PEEPS Summer Camp Counselor!! Woo-hoo! Who doesn’t love SUMMER CAMP?
Don’t I look very official and decorated! 1001 Summer Camp is Lizzy’s cool summer program which is part book tour, part fabric launch, part giveaway and part awesome tutorial frenzy!! EVERY WEEK one of the following, talented Counselors will provide you with a free and rockin’ tutorial, using 1001 peeps, to keep you busy, crafting and sewing ALL summer long. AND, every week there will be an awesome giveaway on these incredible blogs as well.
June 24: Alexia Abegg.
July 1: Beth,
Lemon Cadet
July 8:
The Fat Quarterly
July 15: Susan Allen, of the
Quilt Asylum.
July 22: Amanda,
July 29: Anne Weil,
Flax and Twine
August 5: Heather Bostic,
Heather alamode
August 12: Karyn Valino,
Make Something
August 19: Deborah Moebes, Whipstitch
August 26: Monica, Happy Zombie

If you want to be a camper, I think I speak for all the counselors in saying that we’d love it if you came along for the ride! You won’t be sorry. Look at this awesome camper badge–post it on your site and start sewing and grooving with 1001 peeps at Sew, Mamma, Sew today.
NOTE, my week is July 29th – so don’t forget to check back for my week’s project – ooooh its gonna be a good one. I had a lightning strike this morning (think a loud bing accompanying that yellow star, suddenly appearing behind the counselor pic)–such a fun idea and perfect for the fabric. Seriously, you won’t want to miss it.
I am happy to say, too, that the big deadline I’ve been working on is behind me now. I am thrilled to dive into the summer with more time to create, design, hang with the kids and post more often than once a week! My brain is exploding with things to do . . . so keep your eyes here to see the adventures. Hope everyone’s summer is taking off!
This photo below is both Castle Peeps (last year’s line) and 1001 Peeps lined up together–beautiful.

Here are some places you can pick up some of Lizzy’s fabulous fabric – you should definitely stock up for all the super fun Camp Projects to come.
Fancy Tiger
Pink Chalk
Sew Mama Sew
Hawthorne Threads (Castle Peeps)
Above All Fabrics
Whipstitch (Castle Peeps)
Faric Worm (Castle Peeps)
Del Ray Fabrics (Castle Peeps)
LolaPink Fabrics
Hip Fabric
The Quilt Asylum (Castle Peeps)
Intrepid Threads
Fresh Modern Fabric (Castle Peeps and Red Letter Day!)
Suppose (Castle Peeps)
Fresh Stash

ta-ta for now!

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