12 Fabulous Ukraine Makers To Support

Are you makers looking for ways to support Ukraine? You can help by keeping money flowing into the country by supporting these talented knit and crochet designers! I’ve linked to their Ravelry portfolios and Instagram accounts below so you can check out their work and give them a like/follow. The talent of these makers blows my mind, so I’m eager to share them with you below. Happy perusing, and feel free to Pin this post so you remember to come back to it!

Pelyke Nathalie | IG: @knitforsweet

Oh my! I cannot tell you how many of these I want to make! Just go check out her designs. You won’t be sorry. The Kazka Hat is pictured here, and the color is to die for.

Galina Shemchuk | IG: @legendasuns

I’m not going to lie, some of these are serious knits! But so well done and a beautiful portfolio of classic knits. The Braids Jumper is one of my favorites.


Kateryna Kazka | IG: @kateryna_kazka

How do I even start with the Caramel Shawn? Kateryna’s original shawl patterns are classic, delicate, and unique, as you’ll see in her Ravelry shop.

Natalia Aksyonova, | IG: @natali_aksyonova_knit

So lovely! Natalia’s knitwear designs, like this sweater with leaves, are stylish and varied. You’ll find pullovers, striped cardigans, ribbed turtlenecks, and more in her shop.

Nelly Shisterova at Nelly Handmade | IG: @nelly_handmade

This Grass Bug Doll is just one of the cute crochet softies you’ll find in this shop. Grow your pattern library and your skillset with some amigurumi for a fun weekend project!

Elena Bojkova | IG: @lenamasterica

The Valerie Lace Collar is just one of the treasures you’ll find among Elena’s designs. These delicate lace crochet wearables and home decor patterns will help you step up your game!

Viktoriia Gul | IG: @vitagul

Viktoria’s crochet doilies will become heirlooms someday. Check out her pattern library for some table toppers that would look at home at any tea party.

Olena Tytarenko | IG: @elenathread

Ready for some practical, everyday knitwear patterns for beginners? Olena’s Ravelry store has them! Check out the oversized sweaters, knit hats, and vests.

Irina Dmitrieva | IG: @myknitland

Knit your hands a little present with these fingerless mitts! Irina’s cabled knitwear is inspiring and totally cozy. You’ll want to make them all.

Liudmyla Babintseva | IG: @liudmylababintseva

This classic cardigan pattern is just one of many knitwear designs to love in this collection. With cozy socks, hats, and sweaters in her shop, Liudmyla designs for all ages.

Olga Antonova | IG: @theposhcrochet

How darling is this crochet dress? Olga’s cover-ups, tunics, and embellishments are far from your granny’s style. So chic!

Anna Radchenko | IG: @woollywood

Oh…my…goodness! How lovely are these Gingrebreak House Mittens? The colors, the styles, and the overall cozy factor of Anna’s knits are inspiring.

Olka Novytska | IG: @AradiyaToys

Crochet softies are Olka’s passion, and you can see it come through in her sweet designs. Making these soft toys could keep your hands busy for weeks. Also, don’t miss the holiday ornaments!


So, there you have it! I’ve shared 12 designers who are killing it with their knitting and crochet patterns. Follow these Ukrainian makers on Instagram and Ravelry, support their shops, and find new creative inspiration to make you feel good in more ways than one!

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