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One-Skein Knits: Order Your Big Bunny Knitting Kit

BIG Bunny (Knit with Needles)

Looking for somebunny to love? It’s time to pick up those knitting needles and get ready for spring with one of my most sought-after one-skein knits! Remember the Giant Arm Knit Bunny pillow from my blog? Once I released that kit, many of you asked for a version that could be knit on needles.

BIG Bunny (Knit with Needles)

So I headed back to my studio and created the long-awaited BIG Bunny kit! This one-skein knitting project is designed to be made with Echoview Rug Yarn and Size 50 (25mm) needles. You can knit it in 2 hours or less, making this a super sweet last-minute Easter present or baby shower gift.

BIG Bunny (Knit with Needles)

Kids love snuggling up to this sweet bunny, and I also think it would make a wonderful cuddle buddy for a loved one in the hospital or nursing home. Measuring 21" long x 9" wide, this soft bunny toy has the cutest little pom pom tail. You’ll love working with the Echoview Rug Yarn and watching your hoppy friend take shape.

BIG Bunny (Knit with Needles)

I am so excited to get this kit in your hands. The bunny kit comes in the color of your choice (Mockingbird or Snowy Owl)!

Buy the BIG Bunny (Knit with Needles) Kit

Check out the BIG Bunny Kit in my shop! T:

:: 70 yds of Echoview Rug Yarn (Core Spun Wool)
:: 40 yds of Super Bulky Yarn for tail
:: 1 yd of 1.5" Satin Ribbon (Pink, Yellow, or Blue).
:: Big Bunny Pattern and Video Class
:: Size 50 (25mm) Wood Chiagoo Knitting Needles (OPTIONAL)

BIG Bunny (Knit with Needles)

Don’t forget to indicate what ribbon color you’d prefer in the notes at checkout. (If not specified, I’ll throw in pink!) I hope you find lots of joy in making the BIG Bunny —I know I sure did! What are some of your favorite one-skein knits?

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