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a day in the life

A Day In The Life of Lizzy House

I’m on spring break this week with the kids. It has been heavenly. It’s always great to spend quality down time with the kids. We are in Utah, which is a boon, because my dear friend, Lizzy House, lives in Utah. I took one of my days to go hang out with her in her beautiful studio. Not only did I get a wonderful afternoon with a friend, I got a sneak peak into the world of a fabric designer while I was there.

Lizzy received her “proofs” for her new collection of Pearl Bracelet fabric. She’s going to have over 30 colors of this marvelous print. Her task, on this afternoon, was to make sure the colors were to her liking and to make adjustments before the actual fabric gets printed up. She laid them out carefully in color order, placing the existing fabrics in the range to assess as a whole.

Lots of study . . .

and pouring over these color charts below to pick the exact right adjustment that the proofs needed. This stack of color charts Lizzy rifled through is absolutely huge, and the difference between each tile so seemingly minor, it boggles the mind.
Lizzie hummed along with a lot of interesting commentary for me. This navy looks dead. This neutral has too much green. This red isn’t orange enough. It all fascinated me. I never cease to be amazed by the power of color and the influence that a little tweak here or there provides in order to obtain that soothing spot, the one that says “hmmm I love that!”

There’s nothing like seeing the space in which someone works and the way in which they work to make you feel like you know them that much better. I appreciate the effort and care Lizzy gives to each and every fabric produced. You can see the difference that effort makes in her work, too. The quilt pattern below, The Colorist, is one of my favorites.. The folded quilt on the chair, The Meadows, hasn’t been released yet.

Many thanks to Lizzy for inviting me into her beautiful home. Never underestimate the power of connecting with people in real life–twitter and the web can only go so far.

I have an amazing easter egg tutorial that I’m going to post, hopefully Monday. I’m a little worried that I am too late to post it, but I can’t fathom waiting an entire year to show you! I also have another bracelet for boys and my mom’s birthday present coming right up.

We’re headed back to Colorado tomorrow. We’re all packed up and I have my knitting project all ready. Hope you are all enjoying the warm, springy weather.

xo anne

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