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Crocheted Stones

Ever since I entered the blogging world and saw crocheted stones, I have wanted to make one. I think they are gorgeous. The crochet skill required just seemed far beyond my crochet abilities however, which were pretty much limited to this potholder I blogged about long ago. Seeing something so beautiful that I want to make made me anxious to put an end to the inequity.
Then, I saw this tutorial by Margaret Oomen on Purl Bee. For the pattern on Purl Bee, she says you need only know how to chain, single crochet and double crochet–that’s it. I can do that, I thought. So I went out and got the crochet thread and the needle and they sat around for months.

When my mother’s birthday popped up on the horizon, I thought–what a perfect opportunity to finally try to make these. This post will be a spoiler for her if she reads my blog as often as I think she does. Surprise Mom! I hope you like them. Sandy, my husband’s, response was typical–what is that for?? But, my husband tends to think that way–all about the practical, none about the aesthetic. I think they are beautiful.

Margaret’s photos and tutorial were helpful and after a few fits and starts and trying to understand how the pattern worked, I got it! You can too!
Of course, I have this weird thing, where I can’t stop. After doing her pattern twice (okay, maybe six times if you count the ones I ripped out in the middle and started over), I wanted to try a different pattern. I mean look at these beauties in this photograph from Purl Bee. I want to make me some of those!
photo courtesy of
Well, I didn’t find any other tutorials for crochet covered stones online, other than this one by my talented blogger friend Molly, which is beautiful, but not really up my mom’s alley. Hmmm.
I love the star pattern. And, it’s true, you start a crochet motif, and when your fabric just reaches the end of the rock, start decreasing the pattern and finish it off. If you make one or two of the purl bee little urchin pattern, how this works becomes a lot more clear.

Now, heaven forbid, I leave it there. I can’t! After getting through the Northern Lights motif, I wanted to create my own motif to cover a stone. That way, I can provide a pattern/tutorial for you all to follow. This is my journey with most things these days.

So I worked to figure out my own pattern (okay, two) and added a little twist. You’ll just have to come back to find out what it is I did! I’ll have step by step photos to make it as clear as I can.

This gift to my mother is part of my commitment to give only handmade gifts this year. For more handmade gift ideas, check out the gallery here or by clicking the button below:

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