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A Paper Purse

Spring break was a blur. We went skiing and purposefully didn’t bring any toys because we figured the kids would be plumb tuckered out. And, they were. But that didn’t mean there wasn’t any down time. Luckily, we did bring the markers, and it never ceases to amaze me what you can do with some paper, markers and a little packing tape . . . .oh, and don’t forget the snack.
AW decided to make a little purse, complete with handles and the appropriate accoutrements.
She included a beautiful wallet with a heart clasp, coins (those are the yellow discs with the smiley faces), and bills ($4,000 bill, anyone?). She has, count them, THREE cell phones (ack!), a TV remote (huh?), and a huge purple lipstick. The piece de resistance, *sigh*, a computer that has an email that says “Allie, Love Fills My Heart, by Mom” which I say to her all the time. Glad it is sinking in.
Allie felt like a true adult, rummaging for her lipstick “I can’t find it anywhere! It has to be in here Mommy!”.
The purse is super easy to make . . .
1) Draw, decorate and cut out various purse paraphenalia. (What five year old doesn’t like to play grown-up?)
2) For purse, tape the bottom and sides of two 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of paper together with packing tape.
3) For handles, cut two pieces of packing tape the same length. Fold each piece in half length-wise so the sticky sides are together.
4) Hold the ends of the handle down to one side of the paper (secure with tape across the top of the purse) Be careful not to close the top of the purse. Extend the tape across the whole purse opening to reinforce the top. Nobody likes a broken purse.
5) Decorate and strut!
Oh, the boys were plenty busy with those same markers. Who knew a children’s dictionary, paper and markers could keep them engrossed for hours.
More than engrossed, working together! Did you know the population of Chad was over 10 million?
I was thrilled – a little creativity, a little paper, some markers and tape – happy kiddos.

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