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A Shoe Story

The other day, Allie looked down at her cheap and ailing cheetah print Target flats and said, “Mom, these look tired. . . .They need a flower. Can we make a flower?”
Once Allie gets her head wrapped around something, she has a hard time letting it go. Maybe this is just endemic to five-year-olds? I thought we would enjoy figuring out how to make a fabric flower, however, after a trip to Fancy Tiger Crafts this Saturday, Allie discovered her own solution.
She perused the buttons while I looked at fabrics. Suddenly, she came running to me with a gleam in her eye . . .
“I found it mama, I really found it!”
“What, Allie?”
“THE flower for my shoe, LOOK!”
And, sure enough, the buttons were perfect. She pestered me just about every minute after that to get the flowers attached to her shoes. We did it this afternoon in no time flat (ha-ha) – super easy.
Fun button
Green felt
Coordinating thread
Shoes that need a little fixin’ up!

1. Cut leaf shape out of green felt, pinch one end and sew together.

2. Secure leaf to outside corner of shoe.

3. Sew flower button adjacent to leaf.

4. Now, strut, dance, prance and pose.

So much fun to be had with so little – She hasn’t taken them off since. The added benefit is that your eye goes right to the flowers and away from the black scuffed toes!

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