One of My Favorite Things

I had just settled down to watch Sound of Music with my kiddos – a cozy Friday night. Just as My Favorite Things began, my hubby came in and handed me something from the mail. Oooh, real mail! How serendipitous! Everyone knows how nice it is to get a non-bill in the mail, but around this house those usually come in the form of birthday party invites for the kids, and rarely those anymore. Where has all the good paper gone? I *hate* evite.

What could it be? The envelope, thick and heavy, addressed beautifully to me from Michigan, gave me a rush of giddiness. I opened it to find a dear, hand-written letter – not a card, but a true, warm, multi-paged letter, written on charming paper in graceful handwriting from my Aunt. More so, she wrote to compliment my blog! Truly, there could be no better blog comment (though I like those too!). Filled with touching details about common interests and experiences, it warmed my heart. Her presence, which I felt through her words, triggered long-ago memories of a special time with my aunt when I was young. What a pleasant reminder that hand-written is an awful lot like hand-made– so meaningful, especially when done with time and care and with heart-felt sentiment.

So, thanks so much to my lovely Aunt who delivered to me, today, one of My Favorite Things. May your weekend be full of a few of your favorite things. I’m off to write a real letter in return.

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