Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Tell me it does! Clearly, the whole book thing has thrown me on my keister! I don’t think I’ve gone this long without posting since I don’t know when! eep. I’ve been working hard on the book and, not surprisingly, hit a few design snafus. A book project I thought would take me a couple of days just took me 2 1/2 weeks to get to the place where I wanted it. I’m trying to take deep breaths and know that the pace of all 24 projects (okay, I actually have a list of 32) for the book will even out in the end. You authors out there, tell me it will! In the last month, I went from splitting my time between the blog and the book to dropping everything to get back on top of my delivery schedule. I’m not quite there yet – ha! But,I can’t let the blog go unheeded much longer. I have obligations to meet here, too.
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Frankly, I miss it. It feels like a friend that I’m used to seeing all the time left on a too-long trip. I miss talking to you and hearing from you. I’ve done my best to Instagram snapshots of my life as I’m still trying to enjoy the little things, like my garden (mainly pilfering it, not caring for it), my family and my occasional runs.
I hope I’ve managed to make my family not feel totally deserted. Bedtime reading and pancake making have remained a priority. I struggle a little bit with not ever wanting to see another ball of yarn again (gasp! I never thought I’d write that!). But, a beer, some sleep and a cuddle or two usually get me back on track. I hope your summers are shaping up to be full of fun and flowers.
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Be back soon (I promise) with some things to share.

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