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Kallax IKEA Hack in Neon Yellow by Panyl

kallax beauty-2-2
For all you sad IKEA hacksters who are desolate about the Expedit (above) retiring, never fear, IKEA has a replacement that can be hacked up just as fabulously. Expedit-ers will be happy to know that the new Kallax will maintain the same internal dimensions. The major difference is that the wood that makes up the outer edge of the design is going to be slimmed down. You can see them side by side here:
How do you get that striking neon yellow inside effect? Enter Panyl, a fabulous new product that allows you to transform plain vanilla furniture into something poppy and fun. Panyl is a self adhesive covering that comes in all sorts of colors and styles. You just cut, peel, stick, smooth. Today, I’m featuring a DIY guest post from Dan Goldman and Tristam Steinberg that shows you exactly how to transform that brand new white Kallax into something truly eye-catching. See the full step-by-step at the end of the post.
kallax beauty-

Wondering about the best ways to place the new Kallax in your room? Take a look at some of my favorite Expedit interiors and start figuring out how you want to use yours:
kallax beauty-5
Poppy Haus
kallax beauty--7
Elle Decor

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 4.23.54 PM
kallax beauty--8
Better Homes and Gardens
Any of these above versions could have received a little dash of color with the help of Panyl! One thing I love is that Panyl comes pre-cut for many of IKEA’s best sellers. If you love that day-glo, lemon drop yellow, order it for the Ekby Jarpen shelves and you start to have a whole room working for you that is modern, fresh and fun!
kallax beauty-1024-2
Cover virtually any furniture front in whatever color you want. Here is the Sveio Dresser in Pale Oak woodgrain.
kallax beauty-1024-5
Personally, I love the Malm desk in Robin’s Egg Blue. Can you see me twirling in my plexiglass office chair cushioned by a fab bit of white sheepskin?

DIY Kallax IKEA Hack in Neon Yellow

kallax beauty--2

Kallax 4×4 bookshelf
7 linear feet of PANYL
9mm snap-blade craft knife
A 36" T-square or metal straight edge
A course sanding block
kallax instructions 1

:: Open your Kallax package
:: Make sure your surfaces are clean and dust free
:: Identify the inside faces of the Kallax frame; Using the guidelines on the back of your Panyl and a sharp blade, cut Panyl to each pieces approximate size, leaving a little extra on all sides.
kallax instructions 2

:: For each piece, line up one end of Panyl to corners of Kallax piece.
:: Pull away backing.
:: Line up Panyl to piece.
Kallax instrutions 3

:: Adhere Panyl to Kallax piece, matching the corners.
:: If Panyl doesn’t line up, simply pull up Panyl.
:: Reapply.
kallax instructions 4
:: Smooth out all bubbles.
:: Using the edge of the Kallax piece to guide your blade, trim away excess.
:: Find the dowel holes by pressing down with your finger tip to expose them, and cut holes out with your blade.
Kallax instruction 5
:: Sand edges of each piece.
:: Repeat process with each inside face of the Kallax shelf.
:: Assemble shelf according to IKEA directions.

Happy Hacking!

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