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Well folks, I really must apologize. It’s not often that I promise a tutorial here and don’t deliver. Last week, I promised to share four new cozy knit gift patterns or tutorials. I know everyone is hot-to-trot to get the arm-knitting how-to, but unfortunately I can’t share it right now. There is a VERY, VERY exciting and good reason for me not to, which has just developed this week! I hope to share more details with you soon. I’m jumping up and down with excitement over here. Well, let’s just say there will be lots of arm-y fun to be had eventually.
In the mean time, try some wonderful finger-knitting projects, or last year’s cowl and hat patterns, or this year’s fun knitty gifts! Lots of goodies to keep you busy through the holidays. I will share a fun wrapping tute tomorrow, but knit away in the mean time.
Hope you are enjoying some wintery sunshine and looking forward to some well-earned down time.
Much love, Anne

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