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DIY Gem Sparkle Wrapping for Gifts DIY

The kids are out of school now. I have all the unwrapped presents squirreled away in my studio–a big pile just waiting for me to break out the paper and tape. Every day, I fear they’ll go a-digging in my pile of bags and boxes. They are just to that age where I know they look for opportunites to sneak in there to discover what’s what! I’ve got to get busy wrapping ASAP!
I am a big fan of simple wrapping–craft paper and red yarn, or white paper with a little bronze sparkle ribbon. For a while, I have had a hankering to use the pretty jar of gems sitting on my craft shelf. In the afternoon, when the sun comes in just right, it glints off that jar and makes a pretty prism of rainbows across my wall. The other day I was wrapping up a cowl for a dear friend of mine and I knew it was the perfect excuse to use them.

A pretty string of baubles! So many uses! I loved the strand wrapped simply around the craft paper box. Add a name and a pop of red and you’re all set! Hope there’s a lot of present giving in your neck of the woods.

Gem Sparkle Wrapping DIY

*Craft Glue
*Craft Gems

Making the strand is pretty straight forward. I applied craft glue to the gems, laid the yarn on top, and then placed another glue coated gem over the top.

It helps to squeeze the gem sandwich to really get them to stick. I used a piece of yarn to measure the length of gem strand required to go around three sides of the box as it worked best for the gems not to be on the bottom of the box. I secured the yarn on the bottom of the box with washi tape. I did enough to wrap the yarn 5 times, but 3 times looked good, too.

I used a metallic paint pen to write Holly’s name.

Hope your Holidays are filled with sparkle! Love, Anne

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