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Arm Knitting How-To Photo Tutorial and PDF

It’s finally here! You guys have been begging me to post this arm knitting tutorial, but I was holding back for that VERY good reason which I announced yesterday. I am writing a book! squee! which will be chock full of fabulous arm knitting and finger knitting designs. I have enjoyed contemplating and designing projects in this arm-knit scale. Wait till you see what is in the book! Plus, so many cool finger knitting projects you’re not going to believe it! The arm knitting tutorial was put on hold while the final details of the book got solidified. I’m happy to say it’s solid, now! I can post the tute!
Over the next week, I will be posting a beautiful step-by-step photo tutorial of arm knitting in four parts here on the blog (I’m afraid your browsers would get permanently bogged down if I did it any other way)! This four part tutorial includes the basics, but also details how to make a gorgeous cowl at the same time. Here are the parts:
I will provide links to each of these parts as they are complete so you can access it all from here. But, if you want to take the directions on the road with you, or you just are so anxious to get started, you can purchase this instant pdf download from my shop right now!
Arm knitting is a fabulous craft for knitters and non-knitters alike. It is easy to learn, especially with these step by step directions. Have no fear! This cowl could be yours in a matter of hours! And then, one for your friend, sister and mom a day after that! I love how quick and easy it is.
The cowl above was made with inexpensive Loops & Threads Cozy Wool, but here it is in Rowan Drift in Clay, the yumminess of these tones simply make me melt!
One last note, if you want to learn how to arm knit with me in person, don’t miss this great class at Brett Bara‘s Brooklyn Craft Company this March. Its going to be fabulous and I’d love to see you there!

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