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Writing a Book!

Yee haw, I’m writing a book! You all have known that I’ve been sitting on big news for a while and this is it! I’ve been working on finalizing the details of this project since last October and I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce it right now. This dream of mine is coming true! A big, beautiful book of my arm knitting and finger knitting designs coming to life! It will be filled with stunning accessories, fabulous home projects and fun things to make with/for children. I’m absolutely over the moon about it. You can look for it the fall of 2015 from Potter Craft – eep!, I’m so excited!
This obviously comes with the common disclaimers, I will be really busy. . .I’m sorry I can’t share the bulk of the projects I’m working on . . . I won’t be able to blog as much . . . I will be really busy . . . Please don’t go away while I’m gone, etc. ? I have felt these things already as the pressure of placing things in print seems so much bigger and I want it all to be so beautiful. But have no fear, I will always have lovely things to share here.
All of this brings me to a more important point that I don’t say enough! I love you guys, my readers. Your support, encouragement and love of Flax & Twine make this book possible. Your visits, comments and enthusiasm made publishers eager to embrace me as an author, so thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m so thrilled to be on this journey with you!

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