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binding off

Arm Knitting How-To Photo Tutorial // Part 3: Binding Off

Okay, we’re so close now! It’s time to bind off that lovely arm knit fabric from your arm. It’s okay, you can be a teeny, tiny bit relieved (joyous!) that you are done and it’s coming off. It’s so beautiful and fast, isn’t it? When I see regular knitting now, it seems so miniscule!
You’ve reached Part 3: Binding off Arm Knitting of a 4 part arm knitting tutorial. If you’re looking for another part, you will find it here:
If you want to skip to the end or have a portable copy, you can purchase the instant download PDF of complete instructions here. Or, you can buy a kit with the perfect gorgeous, luxury yarn here.
Binding off arm knitting is done the very same way you bind off traditional knitting. If you’re not a knitter, have no fear, it’s not hard and there are photos every step of the way.
Binding off:
// Start with all the stitches on your left arm (you can bind off either way, but this direction is more typical).

// Knit two stitches on to your right arm.
// With your left hand, pick up the first stitch you knit on your right arm.
// Pull that first stitch over the last stitch you knit.

// Knit the next stitch from your left arm. You should have two stitches on your right arm again.
// Pick up the first stitch on your right hand again.
// Pull it up and over the stitch you just put on.
// The stitches you bind off will chain with one another over the top of the fabric.

Ending it:

// Remove the last loop from your arm. Loosen loop a bit so the stitches won’t pull out. Lay down your piece.
// Cut the working yarn with enough yarn to seam your project (you need approximately 1.5 yards to seam the cowl).
// Bring the end of the yarn you just cut through the loop that remains.
// Tighten the loop. It’s ready to finish!

Only one thing left!
Part 4: Finishing

The finishing tutorial will include a tutorial on mattress stitch seaming (which is what you need if you are making the cowl) and other finishing details (if you are just making a scarf or something else). The mattress stitch creates an invisible seam on the right side of the knit fabric – so great! It’s super easy to do and you’ll use it for all sorts of other knitterly goodness, too!

Look at this beautiful fabric. I want to dive into it!

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