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Well, hello there. I just wanted to pop in to say hi as my book deadline looms ahead. I’m still buried, but I’m close to done. All the step-by-step photos and most of the beauty shots are complete. YAY – see confetti!! Of course, I can’t share any of the book photos with you . . . at least, not yet. All the photos in this post were taken by the talented Trish Zemp. (A special thanks to Fanja of Le Train Fantome who lent us this gorgeous girl for the book shoot!) Trish put in the most grueling work week I’ve ever experienced. We spent 7 days shooting 16 hour days to get all the step-by-step photos for this book completed and she never once lost her smile, good spirit, or enthusiasm.

Trish Zemp Photography

Trish also managed to get these adorable on-the-scene shots in my studio as we worked. I’m serious when I tell you that I didn’t even know that I owned this many scissors. Did I tell you she cleaned my studio as we went? There was a lot of making between steps and she stayed productive!

Trish Zemp photography

Trish has a way of making even the most mundane of things look beautiful. Can you tell that I went through a lot of bulky yarn?

Trish Zemp Photography

I just got back this morning from the first part of my beauty shoot in New York. This shoot was handled by an awesome team, too. Lucy Schaeffer took the photographs. The beauty shots were styled by the talented Pam Morris. Take a look at their portfolios and you may get just as excited as I am. Thanks to my editor Caitlin at Potter Craft for lending a hand through the beauty shoot days. There’s one more day of beauty shots to be done (did I tell you there are 32 projects in this book?!). The remaining projects will be styled by the uber talented Brittany Jepsen of The House that Lars Built. I can’t wait to show you all everything. In the meantime, back to my manuscript. I can see the finish line!


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