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Crochet Zipper Pouch Pattern

crochet bag tutorial-111234
photo by Sarah Anne Ward

Here is a fabulous Crochet Zipper Pouch Pattern and tutorial for you, just in time for back to school. My daughter has been going through her school supply list with a fine tooth comb and a cool pencil case was high on her list. That she asked for a handmade one instead of something plastered with the latest commercial rage made me glow with pride!

I love that I get to share my favorite Martha Stewart Living Craft tutorial with you each month. And, on the heels of my daughter’s request, this crochet zipper pouch seemed perfect. All photos of the crocheted pouch are by Sarah Anne Ward. For this craft, more fabulous ideas and, of course, beautiful everything, check out the September issue of Martha Stewart Living, available at newsstands and for iPad now.

MSL Sept 2014 Covercrochet bag tutorial-111234-2

photo by Sarah Anne Ward

Here’s the pattern for the crochet zipper pouch. Special thanks to the folks over at Martha Stewart for providing this for you guys!

Part I: Sew Cloth Lining

1. Cut 2 pieces of cotton, each 9 3/4 by 3 inches (for a long, narrow case) or 4 3/4 inches (for a short, wide case).

2. Align zipper (9 inches for narrow case, 7 inches for wide case) with long side of one piece of fabric’s right side (zipper’s metal ends should be 3/8 inch from fabric edges.) Pin in place an, using your machine’s zipper foot, sew in place. Repeat with other side of zipper and other piece of fabric.

3. Pin fabric pieces together along perimeter. Sew a 3/8-inch seam allowance. (You will not need to turn work inside out: its raw edges and exposed seams will be covered by crocheted piece.)

Part II: Crochet Exterior

crochet bag steps

1. Using sport-weight cotton yarn and a size F crochet hook, cast on a foundation chain of 52 stitches (for narrow case) or 42 inches (for wide case).

2. To change direction, single-crochet into foundation chain: Skip first stitch and work into second chain.

3. Continue single crocheting for 30 rows (for narrow case) or 58 rows (for wide case). Add subtle stripes as desired by working 2 strands at a time – 1 cotton yarn, 1 silk thread. Cast off.

4. Fold crocheted piece in half widthwise, and hand-stitch sides together with yarn and a darning needle.

Part III: Attach Lining to Exterior

1. Slide fabric case inside crocheted case. Pin in place.

2. Using a blind stitch, hand-sew zipper to crocheted case.

3. loop a small tassel through hole in zipper pull. For instructions on how to make your own tassel, go here.

Adjust the depth of the pouch as desired. Simply cut longer pieces of fabric (but with the same width, to fit the zipper), and crochet an exterior of a corresponding size.
Now, Allie hasn’t quite gotten around to crocheting (though I’m hoping she’ll ask soon!), but here is the pencil bag she designed. She thought that constellations and geometric shapes seemed very “schooly.” These fabrics are from Lizzy House. I just adore her and her fabric, too!2014-08-19 18.03.50
I know it must feel like I’ve disappeared, but I promise I haven’t. I’m working on the first round of edits on my book – yay! I have a whole slew of tutorials coming to you this week. Think Back-to-School locker-loveliness. Get ready!

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