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Caught My Eye 08.15.13

1) Poppy by Akiko Aoki
2) Summer Soup from Pure Vege
3) Peach, Basil, and Lemon Thyme Sorbet by Cannelle Vanille
4) Chloe Flats on Shop Hers

I’ve been noticing that all the things that catch my eye, whether it be DIY or a trend or just things I’m head over heels for, all tend to come in a similar palette. Do you ever get stuck in a color rut? Things do strike me outside this range of colors, but somehow my brain doesn’t respond to them or group them together as quickly or easily. These and a similar tone of blues are colors that really make me hummmm. Well, I’m going to work on expanding my color range and see if it just doesn’t expand my creativity as well. What colors do you always find yourself leaning towards? Do tell!

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Nine Projects to Create with Kids
projects + patterns

Nine Projects to Create with Kids

1) Rainbow Salt 2) Kisses Leather Bracelet 3) Hair Binders 4) Finger Knitting How-To 5) A Sidewalk Quilt 6) Making Pom-Poms in Bulk 7) Chunky Pearl Necklace 8) Hula Hoop Rug 9) Tasseled Fi...

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Head Over Heels . . . Yudi Chen

Head Over Heels . . . Yudi Chen

I recently saw this art work by Yudi Chen on Pinterest. Robyn Ng. The rest of the work in the post is Yudi Chen. Either way I’m in love!> I fell in love and simply had to see her other work. ...

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