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Head Over Heels . . . Yudi Chen

I recently saw this art work by Yudi Chen on Pinterest. Robyn Ng. The rest of the work in the post is Yudi Chen. Either way I’m in love!> I fell in love and simply had to see her other work. It did not disappoint. Yudi’s use of color and her whimsical approach to the world appeal to me. I love this fantasy night scape.

Her color palette in this lovely landscape soothes. I am especially drawn to the touches of abstraction within the traditional composition.

Yudi Chen also has a number of reverse fairy tale sketches, where you find a sleeping prince charming rescued by a princess, a bearded Rapunzel, or a Cinderella chasing a shoeless fleeing prince down the stairs at the ball. How fun and refreshing. The juxtaposition of these 1950 style illustrations to the modern tale is captivating, don’t you think?

How much fun to hang these in your daughter’s room? Flip those traditional stories on their ear, say I! Yay, Yudi Chen! You can also find prints available for purchase at Yudi’s Society 6 shop.

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