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Caught My Eye: Anthropologie White

I came across these gorgeous white beauties the other day and they caught my eye! Do you dress in a certain color palette? I’ve always been a blue-green and occasionally pink sort of gal. Then, I started noticing that, in design and things I make, I always gravitate towards a certain color palette. I love a mix of neutrals with natural elements – I get drawn in every time.

When I saw this mix, it occurred to me that maybe I should dress in the colors that I am naturally drawn to on a day to day basis! I know white isn’t practical, but isn’t it gorgeous? I rummaged around my wardrobe and found a winter white sweater, an off white tasseled scarf, cream stone earrings, and a champagne cardigan. I’ve been mixing them up and feeling very glamorous. Tell me, can you wear the colors that you love to see in other things? Do you wear clothing that matches your home decor, things you make?

I actually sprang for those glasses, even though I don’t really need ’em! And, you may find me sporting that ruffled bomber come sale time!

1) Ruffled Vegan Leather Bomber
2) Oakley Ankle Boots
3) Starry Night Dress
4) Zuri West Reading Glasses

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