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Friday Flowers: Project Outakes + Weekend Adventures

Sheesh! Has a whole week flown by? I clearly don’t have a firm editorial calendar. I don’t exactly post weeks in advance, but every week, I’m busy, busy. Lately, I’ve been busy good.
I’ve been working on a huge new development for the book, which has me in a runaround tail spin! But, just wait until I tell you about it! I’m not sure when I can, but it involves a certain yarn store that I LOVE!
I’ve also been working on a 12 Months of Martha project for Martha Stewart that expanded just a *wee* bit beyond my original intentions. I’m so excited to show it to you . . . I’ll just say that it makes up a full week of posts, so get ready! These photos are all outtakes from my process and photo shoot. I love it when a photo shoot requires flowers.
I found these fab ranunculus and anenomes at Whole Foods. Love that place!
Then, I wanted to share a couple shots from last weekend that make me so happy.
The kids and I had a fabulous adventure down to Fells Point on the waterfront in Baltimore last Sunday.

I just loved the look and feel of our early morning jaunt! We honestly felt like we were in another country, so rich and full and different was the landscape from our day-to-day life.
Every now and then, I’m reminded of how important it is to change up your routine and go exploring! What are the fun spots in your city or town that take you to a different place? Tell me about them – then, go adventuring there this weekend and tell me how it went!
xo, anne

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