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Coming Up Roses Free Knit Pattern - a finish fifty project

Things are Coming Up Roses over here. Truly! I am astounded by all the flowering trees here in Baltimore this Spring. So, finally coming out with this little rose pattern seemed even more apropos. Yes, the pattern has been done since September, but I wanted it edited and checked for you all.Make these roses in a jiffy. They are simply perfect for a bright, sunny Mother’s Day gift. Add them to place cards or a parting gift to liven up a May Day party. Attach them to a bobby pin or barrette to adorn your braids. Or yes, add them to these to make your flats say Hello! Do you all remember this shoe makeover I did for Allie?

I often see crochet rose patterns, but not as many knit ones. Well, problem solved! You can download the pattern here on Ravelry or see it in a google pdf viewer here. And, YAY!, another project knocked off the finish fifty list.

Happy Spring Flowers! Here are a few I’ve caught from my neck of the woods.

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