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Hunting for Bedroom Inspiration

01// Paradise of Secrets found on Wedding Bells & Love Spells
02//Michelle Armas “That Bowtie That I Like”
03// Bouquet from Decor8

Well, project making home continues. Next up, our bedroom. Right now, our bedroom consists of two dark wood nightstands, a dark wood platform bed and guess what?–piles of boxes! I will be working on the boxes, but in the mean time, I’m trying to get some inspiration for how I want to finish the room. In the Boulder house, we had two HUGE floor to ceiling painted panels in the bedroom, which pretty much took care of any decorating required. Those panels got upgraded to the living room in this house (I’ll show you those, later). Now, other than a blue coverlet and aforementioned furniture, I’m starting from scratch.
I won’t be able to fix it up all at once, but I want a vision so that I have some direction. I think the blue has to go. I’m wanting warm, lovely, dreamy, cozy. This post is my initial take on the range of color palettes I am considering. I adore ranges of white to warm white, especially with wood accents. White bedrooms, if they are done with the right amount of warmth, are so lovely. The peach color, as you know by now, is one of my favorites. There’s something about the softness of the color that is just so soothing to me. But, I also love it as peach rounds the corner into a pinky coral, pow! After selecting the inspirational images above, I went on a hunt for some bedrooms that implemented beautiful design, including the colors I love. Here are a few:

01// Peach dresser in nursery photographed by Laure Joliet
02// White and gold bedroom photographed by Simon Bevan
03// Island bedroom by Phoebe Howard

After browsing through pinterest for ideal bedrooms, you have to get realistic. We can’t all afford to have Phoebe Howard come design our bedroom, can we? I am a newbie to all this, trying to design a space on my own in a cohesive way. I pretty much used to use what was handed down to me or something that I found on sale at Target. I realize now, that it is easy to find an accessory or piece of furniture here or there that I love, but the tricky part selecting things I love that can all live in one room harmoniously. How to make sure the colors, tones and patterns of things I love will work together seems the trickiest part. But, I have to start somewhere. I started a hunt for reasonably priced accents and additions to complement my existing furniture in some of the color tones I like. Here are some of my initial findings.

01//Caitlin Wilson Hong Kong Fabric
02//Dot & Bo Awakening Dahlia Pillow Cover
03//West Elm Mongolion Lamb Pillow Cover
04//West Elm Elton Setee in Lotus Pink Linen
05//Urban Outfitters Gold Side Table
06//Serena and Lily Coral Herringbone Throw

Doing this post, made me realize that I have some more work to do to narrow down what I want. I’ve got some more hunting and researching ahead of me. In the meantime, I am seriously getting a hankering to make something. So keep an eye out for a project soon!


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