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Create Explore Discover 2012 Report

Oh my, what fun! I just taught beginning knitting at Create Explore Discover in Truckee, CA–such a beautiful weekend retreat. Sarah Stevenson of Red Line Design put together a most magnificent collection of classes and, more importantly, wonderful, warm and eager attendees. To top it off, the place was just gorgeous, with beautiful architecture, fluffy beds and fabulous food. Ahh, beats my boxes back in Baltimore!

I had a cute table in a well-lit cheery room. There, I made eight new and renewed knitters! The weekend reminded me what joy I get out of teaching. I love to see new people fall in love with knitting and walk away with a cozy cowl to boot.

An added bonus to the weekend was getting to know the other teachers, including the lovely lisa congdon and marvelous mati rose.
These two ladies are amazingly talented artists. I absolutely loved spending time with them. I also got to catch up with Alex Cave, who is a beautiful photographer. Alex is especially dear to me as she is the person who first taught me to use my camera almost a year an a half ago! This came with its own shares of up and downs, if you care to read the post from then. Sarah, the organizer, also pictured above, made everyone feel so included and loved! This retreat was small enough that you could really get to know the people there, which made the experience more meaningful. The artist in the midst of the painting below has just quit her job to pursue making art full time. She filled in her sentence with the word “adventure.” I love a story like that!

You add to it all that I got to spend time with my brother and his beautiful wife Jojo and the entire trip was a dream! I adore my brother. He is smart, funny, cool, honest, and fiercely loyal. They don’t build ’em much better than that. His wife is one of the nicest people I know, too. She is honestly kind, and comes with her own unique and hip brand of wit. They bought a 40th birthday present for me straight from one of my Pinterest boards–that was certainly a pleasant surprise–isn’t it just so blingy and beautiful!

I’m also excited to report that I am busy doing my craft work again! I’m back! Once I emptied the boxes in my studio, I began rolling in no time. I just finished off a few magazine features, which I’m excited to tell you all about soon. Also, I have some fun new knitting patterns to share with you all.

Much love and thank you, thank you for your patience with my meager posts through this transition!

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