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Day 10: A Radiant Headband - a ribbon headband diy

I love this trim. This combo was easy as the trim just begged for the perfect, pink ribbon to make a radiant, soft headband. The trim I found at Joann’s (can you tell what is the closest craft shop to me?) It’s hard to capture the sparkle of the trim just right in the photos, but it really looks stunning. This is a super easy diy, you just need the trim, ribbon and elastic.
I first fell in love with this beautiful trim using it on a crown in my diy costume series. See – I’m not just all about the girls. I make lots of stuff for my boys, too.
I think this headband will become one of Allie’s every day favorites. Though I do find her tendencies swinging towards black, animal prints, and funkier stuff. I never thought I’d say this, but I’d love her to love pink just a little bit longer . . . maybe this will help.
If you’d like to see more simple but stylish jewelry diys, check out this gallery of girly gifts.

18" of 3/8" ribbon
11" of crystal trim
30 minutes
To make a 21" headband, I cut 18" of 3/8" ribbon, used 11" of trim and cut 4" of elastic. You lose approximately 2" total (1 inch from ribbon and 1 inch from elastic) after folding the ribbon ends and securing elastic. Either measure your daughter’s head to figure out how much elastic you need or measure one of your daughter’s existing headbands.

After centering your length of trim on your length of ribbon, begin your thread at the spot where your trim stopped.

Sew trim to ribbon. This trim has two strands connecting the individual discs. I stitched over each strand between each of the discs. Keep the trim centered on the ribbon and let the trim and ribbon fall over your hand as you go so that its sewn on slightly curved as it would curve around someone’s head.

Here is what the back should look like.

After you are done sewing on the trim, it should look something like this. The trim ends should match up evenly with the same amount of extra ribbon.

Fold the ribbon end over by 1/2".

Stitch this tab down. This creates a stable place to secure the elastic.

Repeat on the other side.

Following your square of stitches, attach the piece of elastic to the ribbon.

Repeat on the other side.


I hope you all are enjoying these as much as I am. Its has been so exciting to see them all come together. I haven’t figured out which project I’m going to publish tomorrow, so no major hints – you’ll have to just come back to find out!

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