Day 9: A Twinkle Heart - a diy pendant necklace

Making all the jewelry with the sparkly rhinestones got me thinking. Okay, here’s where you can see a little bit of the random trail of creative process. It got me thinking about a twinkle in your eye. This led me to think of the apple of my eye (where did that come from anyway?) That got me feeling that warm spot in my heart which I hold for each of my kiddos. It’s a spot that burns bright, always. Wanting the sparkle to stand out, I chose navy felt to hold that gleaming rhinestone.
I love the white ribbon against the navy. This just ties in the back. You can change the length how you want.

I did the tutorial in red – but you’ll see, it doesn’t have the same oompf.

28" of 1/8" ribbon
100% wool felt
1 rhinestone

Time: 10 minutes

Cut a small heart out of the felt. I do this by going elementary school: Fold the felt in half and cut out half the heart so that your heart is symmetrical.

Fold your ribbon in half, such that it forms a “v.”

Sew the “v” of the ribbon to the felt heart – careful not to bring your thread through to the front.

Sew the fold in the ribbon to the heart, have the ends come out symmetrically from the top of the heart.

Finish off the thread.

I definitely like the blue better than the red, you?

Tomorrow brings a radiant headband – sweet, pink and glimmery.

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