Dazzing Comb DIY Kits at Darby Smart

Just when you were afraid the hair accessory kit frenzy might end, I have a new kit available now on Darby Smart.

These great 20s inspired combs utilize the same technique as the headbands, only they use these great retro combs instead. I love combs–so pretty in a messy bun or pulling a pair of braids back.

I adore these kits at Darby Smart because you simply don’t have to bother with the trip to the craft store or hunt for the trims. Everything you need to make these unique combs arrive on your doorstep in a matter of days.

What a wonderful bonding thing to do with your daughter before she heads back to school, or off to college, even (YIKES! Just putting that in writing scares me more than just a little bit, even though it’s years off). With that in mind, I’m going to take the Dazzling Comb Kit that Darby Smart sent me and make some new combs with Allie in her school colors!

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