Discovery Girls: Pet Bandana

The Discovery Girls Magazine with my first craft column arrived. I got asked to be the regular craft columnist for the Creative Corner pages of the magazine back in the fall and it’s been so much fun to work on. Seeing my byline in a well-distributed, print magazine arriving by US mail to my doorstep was kind of thrilling. It especially hit me as I watched Allie, my 7 year old, flipping through the magazine looking carefully at every page, knowing she is one of many! She and I were both especially excited to see my project sharing the spotlight with One Direction (latest boy band) on the Table of Contents. “Lucy’s FAMOUS!,” Allie cried.

Below is the first page of the Creative Corner spread–you’ll have to buy the magazine for the how-to. You can find Discovery Girls lots of places–Target, Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble, large newstands, etc or you can subscribe to magazine here. Discovery Girls is a wonderful magazine for pre-teens 8 to 12–full of hair, fashion, sports, social situation and of course, craft articles that are well-written and convey a good message.

For their pet issue, I made these fun little pet bandanas for Lucy–but they look super cute on Allie’s head, too. Each bandana has a little bit of bling, whether it’s some sparkle trim, a chain monogram, or some lovely lace.

Making these bandanas also satisfied Allie’s urge to dress up Lucy all the time. I have to regularly instruct her not to put a tutu on the dog! And, don’t ask me to go into a big pet store chain with her. Do they have to put the costumes right up front? Allie insists that we’re building Lucy’s closet. Lucy now has a happy bandana, a dressy bandana, and then, her everyday bandana. I love that. And, doesn’t Lucy look quite dashing and smart?This photo below shows Lucy’s ears in my favorite position. Lucy brings a lot of joy and companionship to my life during the school hours. Lucy actually has a very important job as my assistant. She regularly gets asked her opinion of this or that–does she like the stripes thick or thinner? Should I go with teal or yellow? What about this floral fabric or the polka-dots? She tends to be very agreeable. What would I do without her? Happy weekend to you all!

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