A Shortcut Quilt–a finish fifty project

This is the project that started this madness of wanting to finish all my binned up, stashed and abandoned projects. I recently completed this short-cut quilt for my quarterly Petite Purls craft column: Get Crafty with Flax & Twine. Petite Purls is a fabulous knit and crochet magazine with adorable kids’ patterns, projects and articles. The full tutorial for this super fast, short-cut quilt can be found here.

This quilt top has been in my pile of orphaned projects for over three years. That is a lot of looking at something and thinking, “I want to make that some day.” The joy of completion I received finishing it stunned me. Such satisfaction. Does the satisfaction increase exponentially with how long you’ve held on to an unfinished project? I’m not sure, but I intend to find out!

It is a short-cut quilt because the top came pre-pieced. I discovered it one day at Joann’s while looking for a basic boy print to make a pair of swaddling blankets. How sweet, I thought, hand-tied to a soft and cozy backing. I added a faux binding/piping which added just the right finishing touch without any of the binding fuss.

The short-cut quilt serves double duty because it also finishes one of my series from last year: Sew You’ve Always Wanted To Quilt. If you have that quilting bug, but have been afraid to dive in to a full quilt, these projects and articles will certainly get you started. Visit the gallery by clicking below.
And, don’t forget to pop on over to Petite Purls and give this quilt a try–an easy, looks-like-you-spent-more-time-on-it-than-you-did baby project! Happy finishing in your neck of the woods!

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