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DIY Butterfly Party Glassware Decor

butterfly party
This is the last of my Mother’s Day Brunch posts, butterfly party glassware. Well decorated drinks can finish off a party and add just the right touch of whimsey. Brainstorming the design, I knew I wanted to pull the butterfly theme from the back drop through to the party table. I thought it would be so sweet if the butterflies were landing on a flower. You could do these with real flowers, but I just didn’t know how they would hold up. It was easy enough to find flowers to match my color theme at the local craft store flower aisle.
butterfly party

I had just purchased these lovely milk jars and pretty straws from Sweet Lulu and knew I had to use them! Sweet Lulu sells mixes of straws in all sorts of color combinations and is a great party resource. But, you don’t need fancy glass milk jars. You could easily do this DIY decor to bottles of soda, like pretty pink grapefruit Izzes.
butterfly party
This post is part of the #12MonthsofMartha program, which you can read about here. That fabulous and versatile butterfly punch that started the whole thing came in my box for this month. I have given it a work out, that’s for sure! I’m excited to tell you that not only did the entire party get featured on Martha Stewart’s website here, but is also included as part of an overall Martha Stewart Mother’s Day Brunch contest. YAY!
butterfly party

DIY Butterfly Party Drinkware


Medium Sharpie Gold Paint pen
Martha Stewart Butterfly Punch
Mini Milk Jugs
Pink Straw Remix
Faux Flowers
Mini Clear Hair Elastics
butterfly party
:: Dot your paper with the gold paint pen. I simply used the tip of this paint pen and dotted randomly.
butterfly party
:: Punch out as many butterflies as you need.
butterfly party
:: From your stems of faux flowers, trim little sprigs of flowers for the glasses. For most stems, simple scissors will work, but you may want to use wire cutters. I attached the sprigs to the glass with a clear elastic mini hairband. You can find these at your local drugstore. Place a dab of glue to secure the butterfly to the flower. Add straw and yummy drink, and you’re done! I had pink grapefruit and orange juice for the party – so pretty!
butterfly party
Allie was so charmed by these butterfly drink glasses, she asked if we could use them for our morning milk every day. I say, why not have a butterfly party every morning??

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