DIY Butternut Squash Decorations

butternut squash-3677

Here is idea two for my DIY butternut squash decorations. This is a little riff on my Crowned Easter Eggs from last year. I intended this for Halloween, but truly, these beauts ended up looking a lot more Thangsgiving-y! See how far out ahead I’m planning? Their sweet faces bring my joy. I find them very charming!

Thanksgiving decorations

Here is one butternut squash person I did before I decided on the crowns. He looks a little more Halloween-y, right? A little ghost-y friend. He only needs a little paint, but I’ll save that till tomorrow!

Halloween Butternut Squash People, Flax & Twine

DIY Crowned Butternut Squash People

Thanksgiving Decoration


10" long vine or plant branch
Butternut squash with very pretty curves
6" of 24 gauge wire

3 pointed leaves
Butternut squash with manly angles
Rubber cement
1' of 24 gauge wire

Wire cutter
Black Sharpie marker

For Queen:

halloween butternut squash

Measure the vine to fit around the squash’s “head.”

halloween decoration butternut squash-3633

Using 24 gauge floral or craft wire, close the crown by twisting it around both ends together.

butternut squash-3635

Twist wire around overlapped ends a number of times and trim wire.

butternut squash-3637

For King, fit wire around circumference of squash where you want the crown to fit.

butternut squash-3641

Overlap and twist wire around itself. Trim ends.

butternut squash-3643

Fold and place a layer of clue on either side of crease. Fold over wire.

Halloween or thanksgiving butternut squash-3650

Eee! Make sure the crowns fit.

Thanksgiving butternut squash decoration

Mark those sweet things with pretty little faces with a sharpie and Voila! Instant presto fall decor!

Apparently, adding faces to vegetables gives me some strange kick. Happy butternut squash decorations from me to you!

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