Halloween Butternut Squash Three Ways: The Sleeve

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Am I the only one that gets tired of pumpkins? I decided to make a push for those sweet butternut squash this Halloween, which look just as lovely decorated. In the next few days, I have these three beautiful butternut squash decorated three different ways.

Flax & Twine: halloween decorated butternut squash

With all my teaching travel lately, my Halloween decorating has gotten a little behind. These ideas are mainly last minute (don’t we all roll this way sometimes?). Luckily, my #12MonthsofMartha (which program I explain here) box came came in super handy because its filled with a whole bunch of last minute decorating ideas.

Flax & Twine: halloween decorated butternut squash

These Martha Stewart Pumpkin Sleeves look just as nice on a butternut squash. I tied the tops really tightly and clipped them in the back with binder clips – I guess the butternut squash is the super model of halloween decorating! This works well if folks aren’t going to be seeing the back side. If desired for table top, I’d just whip out the sewing machine, turn the sleeve inside out and sew a new seam down the back so that you wouldn’t have to use the clips.

Flax & Twine: halloween decorated butternut squash

Okay, I think you’ll like my other Halloween Butternut Squash ideas, so come back tomorrow for another last minute diddy!

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