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Wood Pendant Necklace DIY

Stencil necklace-1710

Get your summer kicked off with a bright splash by making and donning one of these fabulous wood pendant necklaces. I received these wooden craft tags in the mail the other day. They were just begging to be made into jewelry. I love the image of these beautiful wood pendant necklaces swinging from a gold chain in front of a white eyelet dress or seer sucker shift at my next beach bash or pool party. Can’t you see it?

Stencil necklace-1750

These necklaces were made with the stencils and paint from my latest #12MonthsofMartha box and are my official June project. Allie and I spent the most glorious Sunday mixing paints (this was her favorite part) and stenciling like crazy. I pulled out a bunch of printer paper and we went to town. Allie created many colorful, beachy cards, notes, etc., including a sweet note for her new teacher for this coming school year!

After practicing a little, I started playing with the pendants. I tried some taping off geometric sections, which I liked a lot. I also tried some Martha Stewart nautical stencils – just the edge of a design here or there. I love the suggestion that the shape continues off the necklace. I also adore the nautical theme for summer.

Stencil necklace-1757

Some of the tags were intended to run horizontally, so there are two holes. That extra hole is the perfect location for a little tassel. The pinkish embroidery thread tassel on the coral necklace is DMC’s multi-color thread. Their Color Variations collection is full of such pretty combinations. The yellow tassel is simply made with a mix of three different colors that I had on hand.

stencil pendant necklace

The gold chains are simple chains and findings from the craft store. Working with findings is a lot easier than it looks. A wire cutter/needle nose pliers combo is all you need to make beautifully finished jewelry. See the full DIY below.

stencil pendant neclace

I can’t wait to wear these out and about. I hope your summer is full of beachy fun. We’re heading up to Cape Cod this week. I still have lots to do for the book, so I may have to squeeze in a fair bit of work. But, I’ll try to throw on one of these necklaces and get sand between my toes!

Stencil pendant necklace

Special thanks to Yendi Reid for styling assistance. Yendi is a student at Georgian Southern University and is interning for me this summer. She has been so helpful and fun to work with. Thanks Yendi!

DIY Wood Pendant Necklaces

Materials stencil pendant necklace

// To make the geometric necklaces, apply tape to create the lines or spaces you want and then use the foam brushes to apply the paint. Let the piece dry in between layers of paint.
// For the stencil necklaces, mix paint in shades that you want.
// Place tag underneath stencil. Arrange design as you like. Use the foam brushes to tap, tap tap on top with just barely any paint on them. Remove stencil and let dry. Color wise, I blended the salmon paint with the medium and dark pinks to reach the ombre effect on the coral.

how to make a tassel

To make the tassels:
//Wrap embroidery thread around your fingers multiple times. Leave an 8" tail hanging from the set of loops.
//Pull the set of loops off your fingers and tie a piece of thread around the top.
//Next, take the tail and wrap it around the loops about 1/2" down from the top tie. Use a half hitch multiple times to secure. For a half hitch, form a loop with the tail underneath the thread coming from your item.

how to make a tassel

// Bring that single loop over the top of the tassel, making sure the top ties remain out the top. Pull the loop tight. Repeat multiple times. Trim the remaining tail to the same length as the set of loops of the tassel.
// Cut the set of loops.
// Trim at equal lengths. Tie to the bottom of your necklace.

how to make pendant necklace

// Cut chain to desired length. I liked a 30" chain on these necklaces. Attach a jump ring to one end of the chain.
// Squeeze the jump ring closed with the pliers, matching the two ends.
// Place a clasp on to another jump ring. Add that jump ring to the other end of the chain. Squeeze closed.Voila! Make your own summer collection in whatever colors suit your fancy!

Stencil necklace-1719

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