Fabric Photo Frames

I am eager to get this little blog up and pumping again with lots of new projects. This new year finally has me feeling like I have my feet under me again. I also want to share some of the things I’ve been working on behind the scenes.

In the last 6 months, I’ve been doing more work for print magazines, including a regular craft column in Discovery Girls magazine, a fun magazine for tweens ages 8 to 12. The other magazine is brand-new and I have a project featured in its second issue. Kids Crafts 1.2.3 is all about encouraging creativity without breaking the bank–love that! It is bi-monthly, and the current issue includes a tutorial for the adorable fabric frames above.

The magazine is chock-full of easy, inexpensive, crafty ideas. Allie ear-marked no fewer than TEN projects as “must-do”s. Uh-oh! I seem to have passed the creative-frenzy gene on to her.
These photo frames were inspired by Allie’s desire for a series of dog photos, featuring our little Lucy, for her new room in Baltimore. A little modge-podge, some cute fabric and canvas frames, and ta-da–they did the trick. These little square canvases are just the thing to feature those Instagrams you’ve been wanting to print up and display.

I also used this photo-frame technique when I helped throw a 4th-grade, photo-booth birthday party in November. We built a photo-booth with sheets and took a bunch of hysterical photos of the party guests (think mustaches, glasses, and lots of silly props). We printed those up (ah, today’s technology) and made these frames as part of the party activity. Each girl left with a cute 5×7 canvas, covered with fun fabric and photos of her friends. We included stickers and giltter, too. It was a huge hit! If you want to make these, pick up a copy of the magazine in your local Wal-Mart, along with all the materials you might need, or you can order it online here.

I’m off to Denver this weekend to watch the Ravens win the next play-off game. It’s supposed to be in the low-20s, so a’bundled-up I will go–oh, the things I do for hubby-love. Still, he surprises me regularly. Just the other day I found a thank-you note in the mailbox from him. Just the thing I needed now that he’s never around. Sweet man.

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