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Fall Musings


Happy Fall everyone! It’s really hard for me to believe that we are well in to October. I keep thinking that with my book finally turned in, I’ll have tons of time to get back to blogging, but it feels like I’ve been busier than ever. It kind of feels like that gym thing, where when you get out of the habit, it somehow feels harder and harder to get back to it. You know? Actually, I’ve got that gym problem too . . .

I’ve been prepping for lots of teaching obligations, including Create Explore Discover in Truckee, CA and a couple of video classes that I’ll be teaching with Creative Bug this fall and winter – think luxurious and lofty arm knit goodness! Yay! I love that all my readers will be able to access those easily! Plus, there is lots of wrap up book stuff that needs to be gathered. Don’t we all love loose ends?

2014-10-08 07.34.06 HDR

Family life has been nuts. We have five different sports for the three kids and an insane weekly schedule. Middle school homework is HARD! but my new 6th grader is handling it all gracefully, at least most of the time. We’ve been walking to school in the mornings, see my 3rd grader above, which has been a super nice way to start the day.

2014-09-30 18.54.06-1

I’m trying to keep out and about with friends at least a little bit. I managed to make it to a happy hour aboard a gorgeous sailboat on the Baltimore Inner Harbor last week. Sandy and I rooted on the O’s the other night!

2014-10-03 08.31.44-2

Squeezing in fall walks and trying to breath deeply. Hope you’re doing the same. Really, I think my creative being just needs a little recharging. I’ll be back at you soon! xo anne

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