Felt and Leather Laptop Cases To Make You Swoon

Felt and Leather Laptop Cases to make you swoon

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like my whole life is on my laptop. The last time I said that out loud though, my kids looked at me a bit askance. I tried to apologize and retract, but the damage was done, they throw it back in my face regularly. Sigh . . teenagers.

I promise that this is not a post about how we need to put our families first. I’ll save that for another time. It is a post about how important it is to protect the things nearest and dearest to our heart (mainly family, but occasionally laptops). In this case (ha-ha), I’ve been running around for the greater part of a year with my laptop loose in my purse. Now, when your entire livelihood (there, that’s a better way to put it) is on said laptop, I’d say that may qualify as stupido.

This week I went on a laptop case search and came up with some beauties. It will be very clear that I am a huge fan of leather and felt laptop cases. There isn’t a ton of variety here, but if your taste runs the same as mine, you’ll be swooning in no time! I love the felt and leather envelope ($100.23) above, but the price tag is a bit much for me. Below are some less expensive options ranging from $17 to $56. Almost all of these are from Etsy, so you gotta love that too!



Felt and Leather Laptop Cases to make you swoon

Felt and Leather Laptop Cases with Zipper ($28): I love the zipper on this one. The leather snap and outside pocket add a nice touch. This comes in multiple colors, like light gray. . .

Felt and Leather Laptop Cases to make you swoon

Simple Leather Envelope ($56): Who doesn’t love a little leather? This was the most reasonably priced leather sleeve I saw. I love the look, but I also carry a leather bag most days. I worry if the one layer of leather is hefty enough protection, but still, it’s a looker!

Felt and Leather Laptop Cases to make you swoon

Gray Felt + Leather Laptop Case with Wide Strap ($31): I have to say, I’m a little in love with the wide leather strap. I love this detail and I think the snaps would make for easy in and out – no buckles or folding to deal with. This beauty is high on my list.

Felt and Leather Laptop Cases to make you swoon

Top Loading Envelope ($17) Of all the felt and leather laptop cases, this stands out for both its simplicity and its price. I’m a little afraid that the top loading envelope would get annoying as I take my laptop in and out, over and over and over, as I am wont to do. The only closure mechanism here is the friction of the felt against felt – not so sure about that either.


Felt Case with Short Leather Handles and Tab ($33). I love this one. I adore the leather handles and love the fact that there is an outside pocket on both sides of the sleeve. The small leather detail at the bottom of the pocket adds just the right touch. Plus it’s a snap to get in and out. This one tempts me a great deal!

Felt and Leather Laptop Cases to make you swoon

Briefcase Style Felt and Leather Laptop Case ($39) There is so much to like about this laptop case. I love the briefcase feel. I love the leather accents. The buckle attachments are nice details, yet they open and close with magnetic snaps – perfect! I like the outside pocket too. The thing is that I always am shoving my laptop in another bag, so this doesn’t seem ideal for that. If you carry your laptop around stand alone this may be the best for you!

This post may have just accomplished what I needed it to do. I know my selection! This is significant for someone as indecisive as I. Of all the felt and leather laptop cases, the one with the wide leather strap and the one with the short handles and tab are my favorites. I think the short handled case feels a little too refined for me. I’m going with the wide leather strap. What would your choice be?

All of the felt and leather laptop cases above were found by me on www.etsy.com.

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