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Felted Wool Twined Woven Bowl – New Kits Available Now!

Twined Woven Bowls are one of my favorite projects. Now, I have a brand new version out of felted wool. There are so many uses for these beautiful bowls – from home decor to making an ordinary gift extraordinary. I first used the twined technique and bowl design in my book, Weaving Within Reach. There, I used rope to make my bowl.

I’m always experimenting with new materials to work with. When I found this felted wool, I knew it would be perfect! These bowls are a wonderful way to add a pop of color to a room, on a wall or on a table, and they’re a fun way to store your fresh produce from the farmer’s market or to welcome your house guests by filling it with goodies for their room. I can think of so many uses for them.

Felted Wool Twined Woven Bowl - Heather

Tough Love Tiny, a felted wool from Love Fest Fibers, adds a delightful texture and level of refinement, as well as a measure of structure that ordinary wool would not provide to my Twined Rope Bowl design. I am thrilled with the results! Don’t you want one for every room in your house?

Felted Wool Twined Woven Bowl Kits are now available in my shop, and include everyting you need to make the bowl. Pick from the five lovely colors Tough Love Tiny felted wool comes in. I know I’ll be making at least one in each color.

Felted Wool Twined Woven BowlOnce you’ve learned this simple technique in the Twined Woven Bowl pattern, you’ll be able to create your own in a variety of shapes and sizes using materials that catch your eye. It’s so versatile and easy to adjust to make the size and shape your heart desires. Finding new materials that make this well-loved pattern from Weaving Within Reach seem new again makes me smile.

How many Twined Woven Bowls have you made? Or are you ready to make your first?

Felted Wool Twined Woven Bowl

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