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finger knitting

Finger Knitting - Just Can't Stop

I’ve written a few times about my kids’ obsession with finger-knitting. As evidenced by this growing ball–the obsession has not slowed. B has been building this over the last few weeks–but, he hasn’t kept it just to himself. Look what I happened upon the other week when I dropped by school. Ahh, it made my heart sing. Apparently, its a finger-knitting-fest every reading session. B said he’s been madly teaching all his friends. “Its a LOT of work mama! Everyone asks ME questions.” He was so proud.
I’m not sure if our living room will have the space to house his ball by the end of summer. Do any of you know an excellent, easy way to use 500 yards of finger knitting? I was thinking about trying something like this. Wouldn’t that be cool? Hmm . . . that just might be on the docket for after my latest work project ends.
If you want to get your kids started finger knitting, here’s a tutorial. For lots of great finger knitting projects, see this gallery. But, you better keep an eye on your yarn stash . . .

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