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A Sidewalk Quilt

My *regular* work has me absolutely nutty over an upcoming deadline. I’ve been putting in long hours, unable to do any making and feeling my balance all out of wack. boo! But, after my day’s work today, I came home to find my kiddos creating without me! What a beautiful, warm, sunny Boulder evening– felt just right for the beginning of summer. They, totally absorbed in their project, picked up their heads only when I called their names. “MAMA!!” Joy surged in my heart. Their sidewalk quilt was so stunning I wanted to share it with you.

When I am involved in a big project, it becomes all consuming. I think about it all the time. I worry about it. I organize next steps in my head. I barely hear what’s going on around me. I consider this one of my worst traits, but wonder if it is also what makes me good at what I do. Still, I forget to breathe, forget to enjoy the little things and, as a result, forget the really important things. Seeing this color, their dusty, chalky bodies and their untempered excitement over their creation pulled me out of my fog. Thank you, sweet muses.

We are heading off to go camping this weekend at Sand Dunes National Park for this long weekend. I am elated . . . no email, no iphone, no office, no paper, no computer . . . just sand and friends and kids and family and laughter. Okay, so we’ll probably have some yelling and whining and a few intense altercations that end in tears, but I’m looking forward to diving into that too. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend in which you can be very present for those around you.

xo Anne

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