First Day of Summer

Is there anything more disappointing than this for your first day of summer?
Truly, hope for a hot day at the pool with the waterguns was blasted right out of sight with the remnants of this tropcial storm.
Allie and I tried to be cheery and summery by going for manicures as a treat. There’s nothing like red nails to say, “hello, summer!” Maybe they’ll bring out the sun for tomorrow? I’m not holding my breath.
My kids are making up for the dour day with a dive into summer reading early. I caught them here right after lunch. A reading child just makes me so so happy. Don’t you remember when you used to be able to sit on the floor like this for hours?
In fact, the position I caught Allie in on the couch 20 minutes later is how I remember spending the bulk of my summer vacations. The fact that she’s reading Little Women (Great Illustrated Classics)by Louisa May Alcott has me on cloud nine. When I was about her age, I had a mini-version of that book that I kept under my pillow for easy reference and re-reading for more than a year, I think. I can’t even count how many times I read it. There was something about Jo as the heroine that felt so real to me. That book seemed to encapsulate my hopes and dreams and yet all seem very real and possible. What was your summer fave? What was the book that captured all your brightest imaginings and wouldn’t let you go? Do tell!

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