Letting It Go

Someone asked me recently in a comment: How in the world do you do it all? She commented that she felt overwhelmed simply parenting her three kids. My answer is this . . . . sometimes, I just can’t and I have to let the blog go a bit.

Generally, because of flax & twine, my house is less clean, my kids eat less well, the laundry takes longer to get done, I get less sleep, I tend to be grumpier, I don’t volunteer at the kids schools as much as I’d like, I work out less than I’d like to, etc. Need I go on?

This week, I just couldn’t get it all done, hence no post. I spent this past week acting as an errand runner, a homework helper, a comforter, a cook, a cleaner, a consultant, a contractor, an organizer, an interior designer, a chauffeur, and a schlepper . . . in short, a mom.

This load of stuff that comes with being a parent, a part-time consultant, AND a blogger, inevitably leads to an ebb and flow of posts and projects here. Sometimes, I just have to back off and say that it is better to spend time with the kids this weekend, or be the one to take them to soccer tryouts, or just hang out and play a game for an hour when I could have done something in blogland. Please remember that with every blog you read, behind every snapshot of ideal bloggy life, there is so much more real life that you don’t see. I speak to how I capture the moment, and what you don’t see in this post. I also refer to my mess, my reality and the anxiety that comes with it in posts, as well.

I try to write about how difficult it can be to keep everything up, so this life of mine doesn’t seem all sun and roses. Regardless, I feel compelled to make beautiful things and to capture them in photos. Making things with my hands and making them look lovely soothes my own sense of disorderly being. Capturing those beautiful things in posts calms my busy head like a deep breath. I’m so glad that I have the venue to share it all with you.

Happy Weekend.

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