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Flights of Fancy Mother's Day Brunch

flaxandtwine party-9872
I’ve always been one to let a project get away from me. This “little” Mother’s Day brunch started with the idea that I would make a cute butterfly backdrop and invite my friends over to photograph them and their loved ones in front of it on Mother’s Day. Easy, right?butterfly backdrop-9470
From there, it kind of blew up into five different DIYs, all of which are linked to at the bottom of the post. I’ll let you in on how it unfolded. Maybe you guys will understand it better than Sandy did. He looked at me with that “You are verifiably crazy” look he gives me when I take things a wee bit too far. After I finished that fluttering peach and gold backdrop, I got thinking about things that fly. This hot air balloon idea nestled itself into my head and I couldn’t let it rest.
hot air balloon party-9854
Well, once I made pretty peach and gold polka-dotted hot air balloons, I wanted to reuse my gold, hand-painted polka-dot paper for something more. Plus, I simply HAD to put my new pretty straws and milk bottles from Shop Sweet Lulu to good use! voila!
The pretty peach theme had me needing a sweet treat to match. These sugar dipped marshmallows were born.
sugar dipped marshmallows-9755
And, of course, I needed something fun for them to rest them on . . . a custom polka dot (PAPER!!) cake stand, yes!
cake stand-9849
This was the point at which I got the wide, bug-eyed “Can we eat all of those?” look from the kiddos. Special thanks to Artifact Coffee (yum!) for providing me with the decadent croissants, and especially for creating an incredible place for me to work so intently on my book! Let’s just say I’ve been spending a lot of time there.
Before I knew it, I had a party to match my own flight of fancy. So, we brunched for Mother’s Day a little early. I decided that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating Mother’s day twice a year. Am I right? But, trust me, this is all coming out again for the big day – well, maybe some new croissants!
hot air balloon brunch-0041
All this party fun was made with my #12MonthsofMartha box, which was chock full of party goodness this month. You can read more about this fun Martha Stewart team I’m a part of here! Here are the DIY links for everything I made for the party:

Do let me know if you do any part of this party. I would love to hear from you!!

Happy Mother’s Day prepping!

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