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Floral Wreath Crowned Easter Eggs DIY

I was going to let this Easter go by without my own Easter Egg design. There’s so much pattern writing to do! But, I got this little floral wreath crown idea in my head and, well, you know. Sometimes, I think making a new project is a little bit like opening up a big bar of chocolate . . .there is such immediate joy and sweetness in experiencing a small idea’s journey into something real. This little project was a welcome diversion from a huge mountain of work. And, really, didn’t these little gals just have to come to life? I think so!
I loved making their sweet little faces. I am utterly convinced that every Easter table needs a slew of them.
Sarah inspired me with her glitter crowned egg king which I shared last week. In my dreams, that dashing egg fellow and one of my little darlings meet up and live happily ever after. This charming egg maiden deserves it, doesn’t she?

I think so! Luckily for my schedule, the crowned eggs were a breeze to make. Those bitty crowns take about 5 minutes. Easy peasy!

Floral Wreath Crowned Easter Egg DIY

Baby’s Breath
Two 6" pieces of 28 gauge wire
Permanent marker

Cut small pieces of baby’s breath.
Use one piece of wire to make a circle to fit the top of your egg.

Twist the ends around each other to secure.

Use second piece of wire to wrap cut pieces of baby’s breath to the circle.

Overlap the pieces of baby’s breath, wrapping the wire around the pieces as you go.
When you come back to the beginning, cut wire and tuck in end.

Draw face, place crown and display.

Oh, I’m so in love with these little gals!

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