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Forward Looking Inspiration

This is a photograph of our new house in Batlimore. I am still here in Boulder, crazily preparing to move my family across the country. Meanwhile, Sandy works nutty hours in the Ravens training camp in Baltimore. I don’t like the separation at all. It’s kind of getting me down. My late night solace comes from the building excitement about our new home, though. In Boulder, we have spent the last 8 years in a newly constructed home. The home we’re purchasing in Baltimore was built in 1900. It’s beautiful and full of so much promise, I am giddy at the thought of it. It is a blank canvas just waiting for us to arrive.
For one thing, the kitchen is in the basement and there is a butler’s pantry upstairs–this means a new kitchen!
Secondly, there is a lot more wall than our current home–new art!
Thirdly, fourthly and fifthly, the bathrooms need to be redone–new bathrooms!
Also, just a small item, the house needs A/C–most definitely new A/C!
Okay – so its a little bit of a fixer-upper, but a gorgeous one. Wait until I show you the details.
Well, I figured that I best start pinning some ideas–so I fell down that rabbit hole that is Pinterest. The last half hour before I fall asleep (okay, and maybe the first half hour after I wake, also), I have been pinning madly. It innocently began with kitchens (apparently I like white ones) and then just blew up from there.
I am fully addicted now. This may also have to do with the fact that my entire studio is packed up in little boxes and bins and shoved away in closets all over my house–heaven forbid that it actually looks like you live in the house when you are trying to sell it. I have nothing to make right now–even my nice camera and most of my knitting is packed away. I think my creative passions have been craving an outlet, big time. Well, since I have nothing original to show you right now, and may not for a bit (we leave here in two weeks and who knows when I’ll unpack my studio!), I figured I show you some of my favorite finds, starting with some amazingly talented artists.
I’ve spent so much of the past year coming up with new things to make, it is kind of nice to kick back and just revel in others’ creativity. Beautiful. Which one do you like?

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