Moving is Hard

Moving is hard. I have an entirely new respect for people who move their families from place to place, regularly. It is difficult to find your way in a new city–find schools, find neighborhoods, find a home, find a place. That part is hard enough without the unbearable actuality of leaving your home town, where you must organize, pack, stage, sell, and the worst, say goodbye to fabulous friends and a community you love. We’ve lived in Boulder for twelve years. Just the thought of leaving is crushing, but right now, as a single parent (Sandy is already in Baltimore working), doing everything that needs to be done to go, and continuing my day job, has me w-i-p-e-d o-u-t! This blog suffers, sorely neglected as a result. Please hang in there with me as it is squeezed to the margins over the next two months as we transition. I will be back stronger than ever after we settle in to Baltimore.

Much love to all of you. anne

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